Cosmetology Careers In Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s own State College of Beauty Culture is one of the leading colleges for cosmetology. We can put you on the fast-track to the creative career you’ve always wanted in the beauty industry. Rolling classes allow new students to begin the 1,550-hour program every four weeks! Attending full-time, at 35 hours a week, will allow you to successfully pass your state exam and immediately start putting your new skills to great use in one of these hot career paths in less than a year. Our courses include the standard how-to instruction as well as many other aspects of the industry that help new cosmetologists stand out from the competition. Discover how a Stare College Of Beauty Culture education helps you get ahead in the beauty industry.

Student Testimonials

Hair and Makeup Artist

In the new world of Instagram influencers, the skills of hair and makeup artists are more in demand than ever before. With sponsored posts netting even low-end influencers five-figure paychecks, it is vital for those posting from ANY field – not just beauty – to look their absolute best for every post and live stream. At State College Of Beauty Culture, our freshman students dive right in, learning not only how to apply the most popular services such as permanent waves and hair color, but we also teach why these styles are popular and what motivates clients, giving our students the advantage of insider knowledge that keeps customers coming back. Skills are reinforced and built upon throughout the more advanced courses so that knowledge stays fresh. Establishing yourself as a skilled and innovative hair and makeup artist offers boundless possibilities in the post-COVID business model world.

hair and makeup artists

This is the 21st Century, and everyone knows that the hair industry is not driven solely by women. America’s most successful barbers right now are showing off the skills learned in cosmetology school courses in places other than the corner barbershop, and there’s no limit to the creativity you can employ once you’re licensed. Our haircutting and clipper instruction begins in Freshman year and is expanded upon as students advance to Junior level classes, providing the knowledge you need to give your male clients the style and pizzazz they deserve.

Beauty Editor

If you love to put your creative skills to use and are addicted to the fashion and beauty industry, becoming a licensed cosmetologist is the first step towards making your mark in this unique space. State College Of Beauty Culture keeps students apprised of the latest trends from the streets to the runway, giving you the background needed to excel behind-the-scenes. Our coursework goes far beyond the basics, into skin treatments and nail care, so that you will truly become an authority in the industry. Respected and qualified outlets want content contributed from licensed experts, and most of these platforms know that no one has paid their dues without being credentialed. Check out these beauty editors for some inspiration!

Hair Salon
Salon Owner

Opening your own salon requires much more than just a cosmetology license. State College of Beauty Culture offers courses in business management and communication skills, customer service, and retail sales for those who prefer to be their own boss. Our extensive focus on safety and sanitation is crucial in today’s world, as clients demand not only experience from their stylists, but also a clean and healthy environment. Learn about the earning potential of salon owners here!


High-end makeup stores like Ulta and Sephora are constantly hiring beauty consultants, fragrance advisors, and other positions that let you shine in the retail space while still expressing your creativity. Though everyone seems to be a beauty expert these days, the best jobs want to see real credentials. Our cosmetology school in Wisconsin offers hands-on training with real clients, a must in a field where loyalty and repeat business is everything. Students engage in rigorous role-playing to prepare for every situation and type of client one might encounter.

Haircut Salon
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There are many opportunities in the cosmetology industry, but the competition is fierce! A well-rounded beauty school education from State College Of Beauty Cultures starts you off on the right foot. Financial aid is available in a variety of forms for qualified candidates, so get started today and learn how we have earned our stellar reputation!