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Nail Technology Courses In Wisconsin

How Nail Technology Classes Prepare Students for Future Careers

State College Of Beauty Culture recognizes that every student will not follow the same path and that intentions may change throughout life. That is why our nail technology classes teach so much more than just nail trends and polishing strategies. As students learn the different aspects of nail care, they find themselves excelling in a particular area, inspiring them to pursue a career that highlights those skills. Our different modules cover the anatomy of the hands and feet, polishing techniques, retail training, and real-life case studies where students can see the longer-term effects of their choices and take steps to improve both their work and client satisfaction. Compared to the cost of a traditional four-year college, nail tech schools in Wisconsin offer a faster and more affordable path to a viable and sustainable career. As our graduates go out into the real world and seek jobs in the beauty industry, they are often surprised by the many paths that a nail school education prepares them for.

Salons And Spas

This is the role that generally comes to mind when students consider enrolling in nail technology classes, and it is a solid career path. Manicurists and pedicurists in salons encounter clients from all walks of life. Here, they are able to use all those creative skills they practiced in their nail technology classes. Polish techniques and nail art come in handy to recommend colors and styles to clients. The deep understanding of techniques learned in nail school allows technicians to suggest other services and products and customize the services to each individual client. If a student wants to become a business owner, they may open their own salon and use all those client management techniques and oversee other nail technicians.

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Mobile Opportunities

For those students who want a little more variety and excitement in their lives, the world of mobile nail technology is quite appealing. This allows students to either own their own mobile businesses doing special events work such as weddings and proms, or to work on the sets of movies, commercials, and theatrical productions. These careers really make use of those advanced techniques such as wraps, dips, and hand-painted designs. Special events nail technicians really have to think outside the box and produce above-average services that will stand out from afar and complete a professional look.

Medical Settings

Nail services are generally thought of as luxury services solely for cosmetic purposes, yet this is not always the case. In their first term at State College Of Beauty Culture, students study anatomy and learn about conditions and disorders that can affect the hands, feet, and nails. Senior citizens and those with medical conditions that leave them unable to get to the salon often crave these services to feel better about themselves. Our nail technology classes have taught students how to troubleshoot problems, and the massage techniques learned put clients at ease, helping with medical outcomes. Many of our graduates find that being able to use their skills in these settings helps them to feel more useful and contribute back to their communities in a big way, as part of a medical support team.

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Many nail technology students enter school thinking they already know everything they need to do nails. When they discover how necessary nail schools are, they feel inspired to spread this knowledge to others. This path is a great way to use the full breadth of knowledge learned and to keep future generations doing the same, without sacrificing the stability of having a regular reliable income.

Start Nail Tech School With Us In Wisconsin

If you are ready to start making a difference in the world while maintaining a creative outlet, State College Of Beauty Culture is the place for you! Enroll today to begin a nail technology career that excites you and provides for your future!

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