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Esthiology Courses in Wisconsin

There is beauty in every face, and it is the job of an esthetician to help each client to recognize and realize that beauty in themselves. Through a rigorous and varied selection of esthetician classes in Wisconsin, State College Of Beauty Culture trains its students to fill the need for qualified estheticians in many types of settings. Though our program meets the Wisconsin certification requirements of 450 hours of esthetician coursework, our comprehensive curriculum considers all the obstacles students will face as they take on real-world clients. Once you have completed your studies, you will be ready to work in one of the many in-demand esthetician careers.

Medical Esthetician

If you see skincare as a basic component of wellness, a career as a medical esthetician might be for you. These professionals often work in medical settings alongside primary practitioners or dermatologists, helping patients with embarrassing and uncomfortable skin conditions. Our skin foundations course provides the basic platform that students will need to work in this field, and those subjects are further expanded on in subsequent classes focusing on physiology and histology of skin, and disorders and diseases of the skin. Advanced Topics and Treatments focuses on some of the more specialized cosmetic treatments that are generally performed at medical offices, such as cosmetic surgery and laser technology. Having a solid understanding of these subjects will ensure your employability as the right-hand person to a reputable doctor, assisting patients in developing viable solutions for clearer and healthier skin.

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Makeup Artist

Many students choose to pursue a career as a makeup artist since it is a flexible path that can take place in many types of settings. Some makeup artists are entrepreneurs, going to work for themselves as mobile beauticians who do makeup for weddings and other special events, while others decide to work behind-the-scenes at fashion shows and on movie and television sets. No matter where you decide to do makeup, the esthetician training we provide in face shapes, color theory, and makeup techniques will serve you well in this capacity. The course in Skin Care Products will allow you to select the right types of items for each client based on their skin type and tone. State College Of Beauty Culture students have the opportunity to try out what they have learned on each other in their esthetician classes so they have experience applying these techniques to actual skin on real people, and not just models.

Spa or Salon Esthetician or Manager

Some students are very attracted to the luxury side of esthiology. Working in spas allows for a different type of client with a slightly different focus. It is here that our Skin Care Treatments coursework will really become useful. Students will learn what technologies to expect when working in spas or salons, and they will also develop best practices for operating their own treatment rooms or sharing space with others. Hair removal techniques such as sugaring and waxing are also covered in this section, and as is the State College Of Beauty Culture way, the lessons include opportunities to apply these techniques to real life so that students are ready for the variations and challenges of serving actual clients.

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Beauty Educator, Blogger, or Influencer

There has perhaps never been a time when people have been more interested in how they present themselves to the world as there is now, in the era of the selfie and Zoom meetings. No matter where they are, people want to look their best, and they find their information increasingly online and in beauty magazines and other publications. In this field, you will need to give the people what they want, so you will need to keep all of the esthetician skills you learned current since you never know what you will be asked to give advice on. Having a solid foundation will allow you to understand all the new trends that develop so that you can debunk myths and provide guidance to your loyal followers.

Make It Happen At Esthetician School In Wisconsin

Though the above is by no means an exhaustive list of esthetician careers, it is a great place to start dreaming. If you have the drive and the passion, State College Of Beauty Culture is here to make your dreams a reality. Get started today!