Three Reasons to Consider a Career in Cosmetology

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If you’re getting ready to graduate from high school, you may already be thinking about the high-paying job you’re sure to land once you have a college degree in hand. While it’s always a good idea to continue learning, a college degree doesn’t provide the same advantages that it used to when it comes to employment prospects, especially high-paying jobs.

While having a degree is no longer a near-guarantee that you’ll find employment once you graduate from college, you can pursue other kinds of training that will make you employable faster and more affordably. One kind of training that can get you ready for a job quicker and less expensively than pursuing a four-year degree is cosmetology school.

Although images of Wall Street or Silicon Valley may come to mind when you think of high-paying lines of work, the beauty industry is one that generates $50 billion in revenue every year. Yes, you read that right. The beauty industry produces $50 billion in revenue annually.

State College of Beauty Culture

At the State College of Beauty Culture, you can get the training and hands-on experience you need to succeed in the beauty business in just one year, without taking on tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt like too many college students do. When you graduate from our program and pass the state licensing exam, you’ll be prepared for many kinds of work. From hair or nail styling, consulting on movies and photo shoots, representing leading beauty brands at industry shows to writing about beauty-related topics for print or online publishing houses and much, much more, your career choices will be nearly limitless.

Why Beauty School

In addition to opening the door to many different career paths, cosmetology training provides several other key benefits. Here are some of the benefits that a beauty school can provide:

The Chance to Evolve

When you think about it, you’re probably very different now that you’re about to graduate from high school than you were when you stepped onto your high school campus the first time. It’s likely that you have different interests, clothes, and friends, just to name a few ways that you may have changed.

When you graduate high school, it’s likely that what interests you immediately after graduation will differ from what interests you after you start working. When you attend beauty school, you’re giving yourself the training you need to work while providing yourself with the flexibility to explore new interests before you make a big investment in an education in one primary area of study.

When you start working in the beauty industry, you’ll get real-life experience that can help you narrow down your interests over several years. As you get more hands-on work experience, your interests will evolve and you’ll have a much better idea of what you may want to do professionally over the long haul, which can enable you to pick a suitable major if you decide to attend college at a later date.

Permanent Skills

When you attend beauty school, you’ll acquire a permanent set of skills you can tap at any point of your life, even if you drop out of cosmetology for a while. These skills can help you remain employable even when the economy takes a nosedive. Even when the economy’s bad, people still need basic grooming like haircuts, but they may not need to consult with an investment banker, after all.

Practical, Real-Life Experience

When you attend the State College of Beauty Culture, you’ll receive practical, hands-on training that will prepare you to step into the world of busy professionals successfully. As you work in cosmetology, you’ll acquire even more experience that can be applied in other fields. No matter what career you ultimately choose to pursue, you’ll need to master communication and interpersonal skills, learn how to keep track of your finances, resolve conflict and more. These are all things you can learn in the beauty industry, no college degree required.

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