Careers in Skin Care: Esthetician Job Market Grows in 2018

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Is it time to change career paths? Or are you graduating from high school soon? Either way, a career in skin care could be the perfect option for you. Learn more about what it takes to become an esthetician and why the job is in such high demand.

What is Esthiology?

Simply put Esthiology is the study of skin care. Esthiology specialists can work for beauty salons, spas, resorts, wellness centers, cruise ships and more or even work for themselves. We like to think of esthiology as the practice of making people feel well again by starting with their skin that then makes them more self-confident.

The Benefits of Being an Esthetician

Being an esthetician provides many benefits that are equally appealing to established professionals and Millennials who are at the start of their working lives. One trend that makes this field particularly enticing is the prospect of job growth.

According to The Job Network, skin care will offer some of the most in demand employment opportunities in 2018. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts this trend will remain strong in the years to come as well. More specifically, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for estheticians throughout the United States will increase by 13 percent between 2016 and 2026. This forecasted growth rate is faster than the estimated growth rate across industries in the U.S.

Increased flexibility and a healthier work/life balance are additional trends that make being a skincare specialist attractive to many people. In general, estheticians can set their own hours, which makes it convenient for them to establish and maintain a healthy balance between their work and the demands of their personal lives.

The ability to set your own hours goes hand-in-hand with the unlimited earning potential that many skin care specialists enjoy. Because they’re often free to work as much (or as little) as they want, estheticians are typically the mistresses or masters of their own destiny when it comes to their income. The more often they work, the more they make. It’s as simple as that.

A pleasant work environment and the knowledge that you’re helping people in your role as an esthetician are two additional factors that make this career path worthwhile. Skin care specialists often work in spas, salons, and clinics that are dedicated to helping people look and feel their best. Estheticians have the training and skills to help people with medical skin conditions and they’re typically their clients’ first line of defense against the effects of aging.

What Our Cosmetology School Offers

If you want to capitalize on the current trends and benefits of being a skincare specialist, we can help. Located in Wausau, Wisconsin or looking to relocate for school or work? Consider enrolling in our beauty college. At State College of Beauty Culture, we offer the affordable training you’ll need to become a sought-after esthetician. You can complete your training and start your career as an esthetician in less than one year when you train at our cosmetology school.

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