Glam Squad: Hollywood Makeup Artists

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Cosmetology Opportunities in the Entertainment Industry

Cosmetologists have many career paths they can follow once they earn their license. If you want to work in the entertainment industry, you may want to be a hairstylist who caters to well-known stars, the go-to nail technician for starlets or a professional who focuses on creating that special effect onset. You may also want to be a makeup artist who preps big-name celebrities for the red carpet.

No matter what career path you choose to take in the entertainment industry, you should be prepared to work long hours at least on occasion. Shooting a movie or a television show often involves all-day shoots on back-to-back days, so stamina is a must.

Good research skills are also necessary for estheticians who work in the entertainment industry. Some movies and television shows are period pieces, meaning their story lines unfold in a different time frame. This requires estheticians to research the looks of specific time periods so they can make the actors they’re styling look appropriate on film.

Popular Hollywood Makeup Artists

Of course, the entertainment industry involves more than movie and television actors. It also includes stage performers, musicians, models and many more. With so many kinds of performers needing to be made up, it’s vital for cosmetologists in the entertainment industry to be versatile and creative.

Here are some of today’s popular Hollywood makeup artists who have all the proven skills necessary to succeed in the entertainment industry:


  • Sir John BSir John B is the talented artist who makes Beyoncé even more beautiful than she naturally is. Sir John B’s work features skin that glows and has a natural appearance.
  • Patrick Ta: Patrick Ta is the genius who’s responsible for making Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, Olivia Munn and Shay Mitchell as breathtaking as they appear on screen. His work is often an expression of west coast beauty.
  • Pat McGrath: Pat McGrath is a sought-after makeup artist known for creating dramatically artistic looks. McGrath is more than a wildly successful makeup artist. She’s also an entrepreneur who started her own makeup line.


Esthetics Career

If you’re looking for a career path that has unlimited earning potential, flexible hours and the opportunity for you to flex your creative muscles, you should consider any one of the many available careers in cosmetology. While you must earn a state license after completing esthiology training, working in the cosmetology industry is rewarding and typically fun from day to day.

As an esthetician, you’ll have the chance to meet new people every day while maintaining lasting relationships with your established clients. You’ll can also pick up new skills regularly throughout your esthetician career.

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