The Evolution of a Cosmetology Degree

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While humans have been using beauty products of some sort since 4,000 BC, it wasn’t until much more recent times that cosmetology became a serious profession.

In the late 1800s, women started entering the nation’s workforce in droves, driven largely by the Industrial Revolution. As the 19th century drew to an end, beauty evolved as one of a handful of skilled career paths that enabled women to flex their entrepreneurial muscles. Today, both men and women have established a strong presence in the cosmetology industry and both genders have contributed to the many advancements that have been made in the field.

What’s Happening Now

Today, people are on what “Forbes” describes as a “journey of exploration.” This ongoing journey is driving the increased creativity that dominates the beauty industry. Rather than buying the brands that their parents used, younger consumers are actively seeking out beauty products that are made locally and items made with natural ingredients.

Now more than ever, the beauty industry is rewarding creativity with big paychecks and ever-bigger stages where cosmetologists can showcase their work. Now, right now, is a great time to enroll in a cosmetology school and prepare to launch a limitless career in the beauty industry.

Beauty Schools

As things have changed with the passage of time, an increasing number of cosmetology schools have opened throughout the United States. With states requiring aspiring students to pass an exam to practice their craft professionally, the aim of a beauty school now is to provide the training people need to pass the state exam and launch a career as a successful cosmetologist. At SCBC there is so much more to the beauty school experience than just passing an exam in order to get your license!

State College of Beauty Culture

Accredited by the NACCAS and licensed by the State of Wisconsin, State College of Beauty Culture is privately owned and operated. Our Wisconsin cosmetology school was founded to provide extensive, hands-on training to men and women who want to earn their cosmetology license and thrive as a beauty expert.

Whether you want to be a nail technician, a hairstylist, or an expert in another area, our cosmetology classes will help you achieve your career goals. Enroll in our classes and start the journey toward a rewarding career in cosmetology today.