6 Things You May Not Know About the Cosmetology Industry

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Hey, you! Yup, you. The one looking at this blog right now. Don’t say those words. Don’t say it! No, cosmetology is not just styling hair. In fact, cosmetology has many, many layers. Cosmetology is a huge industry with many twists and turns to make things interesting. Thinking about a career in cosmetology? Here are six things you should know.

Cosmetologists are Artists

Cosmetologists are some of the most creative people in the world. These artists are talented and unique. On Instagram, you see gorgeous balayages, stunning updos, pastel hair colors, intricate braids, and dramatic makeup looks. The majority of them are performed by cosmetologists. People live with the art they create every day. Don’t you want your art to be seen by everyone? We know we do!

Cosmetology Is More Than Hair

Gasp! We know, you may not have been expecting this one. But alas, they do offer haircuts and colors. Cosmetologists also perform relaxers and perms. However, they might also perform luxury manicures and pedicures or specialize in incredibly intricate nail art. Others specialize in event makeup and photoshoot styling, while others specialize in facials and skincare. Cosmetology has a branch that can help you realize your passions, no matter what they may be.

It’s About the People

The answer to why a cosmetologist loves her job is probably, “I like making people happy.” Cosmetologists transform guests’ moods every day. The most important thing is to connect with the person sitting in your chair, not just their hair, nails, skin, or makeup. In addition to making people feel and look great, you might even be inspired by them.

Cosmetology School Has All-Encompassing Education

After you graduate from cosmetology school and pass the state board test, you will be able to cut, color, and style hair, as well as provide nail and skin care.

Having a wide variety of skills will make you a true creative person—which is always a good thing. Barber schools prepare you for cutting hair, but not for working on nails or skin. It is common for estheticians and nail technicians to prepare you to work only on the skin or nails, not on hair. Your cosmetology license depends on the state in which you take the test.

The Jobs May Surprise You

Cosmetologists can be found working in hospitals and morgues, for example. Desairologists prepare the bodies of deceased people for their funerals. Hospitals employ esthecaregivers and massage therapists to assist patients who are unable to maintain healthy skin and muscles.

If you’re passionate about helping those who can’t help themselves, cosmetology is a special way to do it.

Change Is Afoot

The bob, the lob, the wob, the baby fringe, and wet-look waves are all examples of trendy hairstyles.

Working in a high-end salon can make cosmetology all about changes and trends. When being good at your job requires staying current with trends, it’s difficult to become bored.

Who doesn’t enjoy being a leading figure in fashion and style? Another new cosmetology trend will have emerged by the time you read this.

If you are looking to take a licensed course in cosmetology, you can reach out to the State College of Beauty Culture. Our experts will help you with a course that can help you get started on a successful career in cosmetology. Contact us today to get started!