How to Become a Successful Hair Stylist in 2020

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Whether you want to pursue a cosmetology career or a hairstylist career, your journey toward success will begin with the right training. That’s what you’ll get when you enroll in courses at our Wausau, WI cosmetology school – the training necessary for you to pass the state’s license exam and launch a career in your chosen niche of the beauty industry.

As you probably guessed, completing your coursework and earning your license aren’t enough to achieve success in the highly competitive beauty industry. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to become successful even if you’re starting out on a tight budget.

Adopt a Strong Work Ethic

When it comes to hairstyling and cosmetology careers, you’ll generally get out what you put in. This means that you’ll stand to enjoy more success the harder you work. From the day you start until the day you retire, remain committed to working hard throughout your career.

Be Mindful of the Customer Experience

In addition to giving your clients a great haircut or beauty treatment, you should provide a pleasant, holistic experience from beginning to end. To ensure your customers feel comfortable, keep your work area clean and organized. Listen to your clients and repeat what they want to have done to demonstrate your understanding of their wishes. Interact with your clients in a friendly and respectful manner that’s all about making them feel special, appreciated and valued.

Continue Your Education

New trends are constantly gaining a foothold in the beauty industry so it’s important for you to continue your education for however long you work in the vertical. You shouldn’t limit your continued learning to formal education. Opportunities to learn exist in any number of places, such as your co-workers, magazines, YouTube videos, product demonstrations and peers who attend trade shows and conferences.

Demonstrate Your Expertise Online

If you haven’t already set up a website, you should make it a priority. Starting a blog or vlog that will allow you to show off your expertise is also advisable.

Social media can be a powerful force to help you establish a loyal following online and an equally faithful clientele base. Find out which social media platforms your ideal clients use the most and establish accounts on a few of them. By sharing posts and interacting with people on those social channels regularly, you can greatly increase the odds that you’ll attract more of the same type of clients.

Enroll at State College of Beauty Culture

In addition to teaching you the tactile skills you’ll need to succeed in your niche, we’ll teach you about business management when you’re a student at State College of Beauty Culture. Those skills and that knowledge will help you achieve success in your cosmetology or hairstylist career. Give us a call, contact us online or visit our campus to learn more!