How to Generate Referrals for Your Salon

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Enrolling to take courses at one of the beauty schools in Wisconsin like State College of Beauty Culture can be the foundation needed to launch a successful hair stylist career. It can also be the starting point for you to pursue many other careers in the beauty industry, such as nail technician, salon owner or esthetician, to name just a few options.

Depending on the career path you choose to follow, you may have to drum up business, so to speak. While advertising to the general public is one way to solicit business, there’s something else you can do that’s likely to be more effective and more affordable. And that something is this – generate referrals.

Why Referrals Are Important

In today’s connected society, referrals are often two-fold. Referrals are mouth-to-mouth recommendations provided by clients to others who haven’t experienced what it’s like to be in your salon chair. They also include reviews your existing clients share online through social media or review sites like Angie’s List.

Every referral you get is a personal endorsement of your skills and the experiences people have had as your customer. Whether it’s a spoken endorsement or a written one people read online, referrals have an impact on many people’s purchasing decisions, which makes generating referrals an effective way to drive new clients into your chair.

Implement a Referral Rewards Program

To motivate your existing clients to promote your services to their associates, you may want to implement a referral program that rewards both your clients and the people they refer to you. For example, you can give an existing client a $25 credit for your services every time someone the person refers to you comes into your salon for an appointment. To inspire the referred individual to come in, offer the person a $20 discount on their first visit.

The key to creating an effective referral program is to make sure the program rewards your referring clients with a more valuable gift than what you give to your new clients. You don’t want your loyal clients to feel slighted, after all.

Ask for Referrals and Reviews

Another way to generate referrals is to ask your clients for the names and numbers of people who might benefit from your services. When you contact a referral, you’ll gain instant credibility when you tell the person who suggested you call them.

You should also ask clients who are pleased with your work to share reviews online. You can provide instructions that explain how to do this on the back of your business card in case some of your customers aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

Host Events at Your Salon

Hosting events at your salon can help generate referrals. Invite select clients who fit your ideal client profile to an upcoming event and encourage them to bring some friends. Product demonstrations, guest speakers, styling tips – there is no shortage of things that can be the focus of an event your clients and their friends may enjoy. Be sure you book as many new client appointments as possible during the event.

Of course, you need to complete training at our hair styling school and earn your state license before you’ll have to worry about generating referrals. Don’t delay! Enroll with State College of Beauty Culture today!