Professional Hair Color FAQs: How to Go Lighter for Summer!

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How to Get That Sun-Kissed Look in Professional Hair Color

Summer has arrived, and it’s the perfect time to get back outdoors after winter and spring. Natural sunlight has a way of making people feel healthy and beautiful, but that same sun-kissed hairstyle can be achieved with a few professional hair color highlighting techniques.

Balayage Highlighting is a Quick, Simple Way to “Paint” Sun-Kissed Tone Into the Hair.

Balayage highlighting technique results in a natural-looking blend of lighter tones in a person’s existing hair color. To get this technique, a colorist paints lightener as if painting a picture in “W & V” shapes. For those with lighter hair color, a darker dye may be used to bring out contrast between the natural color and the lightener. However, the lightener does not saturate the hair to the end. This creates a subtle shimmer to the person’s hair color.

Ombre Highlights Give a Rising or Setting Sun-Kissed Look to the Hair.

Ombre coloring techniques draw out darker roots into lighter tones in hair-color with dramatic contrast. For example, brunette roots fades into blonde length and tips. This creates a natural, sun-kissed look and a shine near the hair’s end. This styling is achieved by weaving the lightener through the hair and drawing it out. For some with lighter existing hair-color, coloring to a darker tone may be necessary first. This will create the most natural, sun-loving look possible. Alternatively, those with lighter hair colors may consider sombre highlights for summer.

Sombre Highlights Are Comparable to Ombre With Less Contrast.

There is a reason sombre and ombre highlighting techniques are close in spelling. Sombre is a softer version of the ombre highlighting technique. A colorist uses the same method to create the look, but the contrast between the roots and the ends is less prominent. This creates a sun-kissed appearance like the midday sun, creating a natural shine throughout the hair. As a result, this style may be more appropriate for those with light hair colors wanting the look of ombre highlights without going darker first.

There Are Many Other Techniques That Can Create Summer-Ready Hair Colors, Too

Balayage, ombre, and sombre highlighting techniques are only the tip of the coloring iceberg when it comes to lightening up and cooling off in the summer sun. With minimal changes in how color is applied to the hair, new carefree summer styles can be easily created. Due to the way light makes hair look from different angles during a coloring session, these techniques should only be completed by a hair color professional.

If you want to learn to create these sun-bathed, professional hair color and styles with these techniques, you are the perfect fit for an exciting career in cosmetology. Download this free starter kit now to see how quickly and easily you can get the skills you need to be a successful cosmetologist. In the interim, learn how to do a quick sun-kissed coloring technique by watching this video.