What’s the Difference Between Esthetics and Cosmetology?

Esthetics And Cosmetology

Are you pursuing a career in beauty? Are you curious about what beauty career options are out there? Two of the top career choices in the beauty industry are estheticians and cosmetologists. If you’re considering beauty career options, your decision may boil down to esthetician vs. cosmetologist, depending on your goals.


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What Is an Esthetician?

Estheticians are skin care artists, scientists, and teachers that help their clients achieve the best skin results possible. You might be able to find employment as an esthetician in settings like spas, salons, and even medical offices. Some of your daily duties as an esthetician might include:

What Is a Cosmetologist?

If you’re more interested in improving your skills as a make-up artist or learning about the art of hairstyling and coloring, then a career in cosmetology is for you. Cosmetologists focus on all things beauty, and you could find employment in salons, spas, hotels, and resorts.

How Are Estheticians and Cosmetologists Similar?

Estheticians and cosmetologists have a common working understanding of how to carry out some popular beauty procedures at spas and salons. They are both taught the theory and application of a few fundamentals of beauty in beauty school, including anatomy, hygiene, and sterilization procedures. They also learn how to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails, as well as how to enhance their appearance with a variety of services.

How Are Estheticians and Cosmetologists Different?

Estheticians are more focused on direct skin care. Cosmetologists work with hair, nails, and other cosmetics. Although the job descriptions for these occupations differ, both may lead to employment in a spa or salon.


A career as an esthetician may be right for you if you have a passion for skin care and helping people achieve their best skin. Cosmetology may be more your style if you’re looking for a more imaginative and artistic career styling hair, nails, and makeup.


No matter which career path you take in the beauty industry, cosmetologists and estheticians have the chance to find fulfillment in their work because they get to spend every day making their clients feel and look good about themselves! Don’t put off your passion for the beauty industry any longer.


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