2019 Hairstyles We’ve Loved & Looking Ahead to 2020 Trends

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When it comes to hairstyles and fashion, the saying “what’s old is new again” sometimes rings true. That’s certainly the case as far as some of 2019’s trendy hairstyles are concerned. With fall well underway, now is a great time to look back at some of the hairstyles that remain popular in 2019 and to look forward to some of the hairstyling trends that are expected to emerge in the year ahead.

Popular Hairstyles in 2019

Some of the year’s most popular hairstyles had an unmistakable 80’s vibe. Fashion shows often featured models with hair parted deep to one side, with bangs flowing freely over the opposite eye. To pull this look off successfully day to day, the key is to avoid using too much product.

Ponytails reemerged as a go-to hairstyle for both casual and formal events in 2019. Wearing a ponytail off to one side and “bedazzling” it with a sparkly scrunchie or colorful clips can complete the overall look you want for just about any occasion this year.

While it may be overkill to refer to 2019 as the year of the braid, there’s no mistake that braids continue to be popular even as the New Year is approaching fast. Whether you wear two braids parted at the center of your head, you prefer one French braid running down the back, or you simply want a few thin braids mixed in with the rest of your free-flowing hair, braids are a great look for the gym, office, or a night on the town.

Upcoming Hairstyle Trends for 2020

As we move into 2020, braids will continue to be a popular trend. Braids will be different in 2020, however. Rather than letting braids speak for themselves with their entwined beauty, braids will incorporate eye-catching beads, barrettes, and other elements next year.

The messy bun will be a hot trend in 2020. Faded flashes of color will make messy buns an even more sought-after hairstyle. To make this look work for you, it’s essential to find the appropriate amount of “messiness” for your hair.

Too many people with curly hair go to great lengths to straighten their locks. If you have curly hair, you won’t have to spend time using your flat iron in 2020. That’s because loose, fuzzy curls will be all the rage next year.

Like their deliberately messy brethren, ballerina buns will be popular in 2020. Ballerina buns are tight and they pull all your hair back, away from your face and into a composed bun. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it directs the focus of onlookers to your gorgeous face.

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