4 Reasons You Should Consider a Career as a Hairstylist

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Imagine yourself being the trendsetter of perfect hairstyles, the one everyone follows, and a social media influencer—all in one amazing career! You can get there, but you need to develop your knowledge and practice your skills. That’s where State College of Beauty Culture comes in, with hands-on in-person learning.  You get to perfect your skills on real people in the salon, not mannequins.

The skills and innovations of hair and makeup artists are more in demand now than ever before. If you’re an aspiring hair stylist, now is the best time for you to venture into this industry.

Here are 4 great reasons why you should consider starting a career as a hairstylist:

1.  There Is Space to Be Creative

As a hairstylist, you can allow your creativity to flourish and evolve. The beauty industry changes rapidly, so you can never get bored with this job. There will always be a new creative avenue for you to explore.

You also get to decide what niche of hair care you’d like to specialize in. You could do wedding hairdos or help out during photoshoots. You could also be a part of TV or movie productions or make a name for yourself in cosplay. The opportunities are endless, and if you ever feel oversaturated with one line of work, you could try another one.

If you’re always looking to expand your creative horizons, then becoming a hairstylist could immensely benefit you.

2.  You Get to Work in an Ever-Changing Industry

The landscape of the beauty industry is constantly changing shape. The moment a trend sets in, another one rises up to take its place. Because of this, there’s room for you to learn new styles and techniques and incorporate them into your own.

Working in an ever-changing industry means that there will always be new avenues for growth and expansion. If you have a curious mind that’s always looking to learn more and hone your skills, then becoming a hairstylist is a great career choice for you.

3.  There Are Endless Opportunities to Network

As a hairstylist, you will have the opportunity to meet various professionals working in the field. You might meet them on the job, at beauty conventions, trade shows, on social media platforms, and other online beauty forums.

Networking is a key aspect of working in the beauty industry. The broader and more expansive your network, the more opportunities that could come your way. You can also pick up new skills and techniques from your fellow professionals and expand your skill set.

4.  You Can Make a Good Income

Hairstylists have the potential to earn a very good income. While a lot of this does depend on your portfolio, experience, and where you’re based, you can do pretty well for yourself as a hairstylist. Once you have a loyal clientele and you learn to network effectively, you will always have work and get paid regularly.

In particular, if you work in the fashion or entertainment industry, your income could be significantly higher.

Becoming a licensed cosmetologist could help you achieve your dream of working as a hairstylist. At State College of Beauty Culture, our freshman students are not only taught practical skills in some of the most popular services, such as permanent waves and hair color, but we also teach them why these styles are popular and what motivates clients. We offer our students the advantage of insider knowledge and industry experience that could benefit them before they venture out into the world. Contact our experts if you’d like to learn more about our courses. Call us at (715) 845-2888 if you have further questions.