Beauty Changes Lives: Sommer’s Story

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Read about how the beauty industry can change a life in just one short year. This essay was written by an August 2020 Graduate of the Cosmetology Program at the State College of Beauty Culture.

I started beauty school at the State College of Beauty Culture in July 2019. It’s been a little over a year now and my schooling is coming to an end, and it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.

I just want to tell you how this industry and SCBC has changed my life.

The beauty industry is something I’ve always had an interest in and although I never actually envisioned myself going any further than high school, I am grateful for pushing myself to be where I am today. My first day I was a nervous wreck, I didn’t know a single person! It was all new to me, a whole new environment that I had to adapt to; today I no longer feel those feelings I felt on the first day. I feel everything but that. Those people I didn’t know are now some of my favorite people in the whole world. I’ve built so many amazing relationships with so many amazing people that I can relate to and have the same interest as I in the beauty industry.

That new environment that I had to adapt to is now another “home” to me. I have had the best days, and the worst days of my life during beauty school and at the end of it all … I’m thankful for beauty school. I am thankful for my instructors, my clients, and my classmates. Without them it wouldn’t be possible to be in this industry.

Being in the beauty industry is more than what it seems to be. It brings out so much creativity and talent in one person. YOU LEARN SO MUCH! I am learning every day and will continue to learn. I am educating others, I’m building relationships, and I’m making people feel good about themselves and that makes me feel good.

This journey has helped me build confidence in myself. It’s more than just hair.