Career Spotlight: Personal Branding In Wisconsin

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Most beauty school students begin their studies with dreams of being a hairstylist, nail technician, makeup artist, or similar career. After just a few courses at an accredited cosmetology school, it becomes apparent that there are many more options than it appears at first glance. Though many beauty school graduates will embark on traditional careers, some will think outside the box, becoming entrepreneurs or even celebrities.

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Why is personal branding important in the beauty industry?

Personal branding is becoming increasingly important for any professional in all industries, but it is particularly crucial in the world of beauty, where you are the face of your business. Influencers, beauty bloggers and vloggers, and beauty editors all need to carefully manage the images they project to the world, but they often cannot do it alone. You may think that these jobs are nonstop fun, but in reality, it is hard work being seen as a beauty expert. Unlike other careers where your work may speak for itself to some degree, influencers and similar professionals are, quite literally, the face of the brand. They must project near-perfectionism at all times, in the way they carry themselves and the content they create. Beauty consultants often work to create the image of the ultimate beauty pro.

Do I need beauty school to master personal branding?

The internet is becoming completely flooded with beauty influencers and bloggers and many of them do just fine without any formal training at all. But just because some people are naturals does not mean that beauty school is not beneficial to the task of personal branding. Though there may not be cosmetology courses in social media or influencing (yet!), having a strong foundation in both basic and advanced beauty techniques is extremely helpful when advising others on their beauty routines as well as creating a confident persona to share with the world.

How will cosmetology courses help my career?

A reputable beauty school ensures that its students learn about all aspects of cosmetology. In their freshman year at State College Of Beauty Culture, you will master the fundamentals of all cosmetology services you may be called on to provide for clients. If you become an influencer or beauty editor, these skills will help you to look your best and to advise others on how to create good looks for themselves. By understanding the why behind every service you learn about, you will be able to guide your followers or beauty influencers on how to find their style and how to care for their skin, hair and nails. In your junior year, you will use all the knowledge you have learned until that point and apply it to real-world situations. This allows you to experiment, get creative, and truly find your passion. You may discover your niche or specialty during the hands-on training you will receive, or you might find you enjoy working with clients and helping others to become their truest, most beautiful selves. Above all, learning more about the beauty industry than you may ever use in the real world instills in you the type of confidence needed to take on the leadership of being a beauty role model.

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