Do I Really Need Cosmetology School?

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Most people who decide to enter the beauty industry do so because they have a passion and talent for it. Cosmetology careers offer many benefits such as flexible schedules, a variety of work settings, and an outlet for creativity. Wisconsin ranks in the top 5 states for work opportunities for cosmetologists and this trend is projected to continue in the coming years, so it is a great time to break into the industry. Natural talent and a genuine interest in beauty are good qualities to have when embarking on a cosmetology career, but proper training is necessary as well. A beauty school in Wisconsin is the best place to start on the journey towards becoming a licensed cosmetologist.

Cosmetology Education

Like most professions, a career in cosmetology requires specialized knowledge. Even if you already know how to cut hair, do makeup or nails, or apply skin treatments, there is a big difference between treating yourself and your friends and applying these skills to a wide variety of clients. In fact, a cosmetology license requires 1,550 hours of instruction. Related licensures in the beauty industry have similar requirements though the number of hours differs by discipline.

A beauty school education in Wisconsin offers more than just technical skills, though of course those are covered. For instance, if you are pursuing a hairstylist career you may spend time learning about clipper techniques, shaving rules, and hair textures, but a reputable cosmetology school offers so much more. Students at State College Of Beauty Culture learn about the latest trends from industry professionals and they receive training in customer service and the business end of the beauty industry. Professional instructors teach students how to assess client needs, market their businesses, and troubleshoot potential problems before they arise. As students near the end of their education requirements, they will become eligible to take the required examinations towards licensure.

Wisconsin Cosmetology Licensure

Once students have completed the required beauty school classes, it is time for them to demonstrate all that they have learned. There are two parts to the Wisconsin licensure examination process. A written exam covers cosmetology theory. Students are given 120 questions about a wide variety of cosmetology topics. Even if you plan to specialize in a particular type of service, you will need to have an understanding of all the basic elements of cosmetology to achieve a passing grade. Hair, nails, and skin basics are all on the exam, as are questions regarding Wisconsin rules and regulations and sanitation best practices. The time spent in the classroom certainly comes in handy and helps boost confidence and lower stress during testing.

Because licensed cosmetologists will see real clients, the second part of the process is a practical exam. Here, students are expected to show their skills on a mannequin to show that they are ready to bring their knowledge to and begin a cosmetology career. Students are asked to exhibit skills like shampooing, haircutting, coloring, and manicures while using proper safety and sanitation measures. Only after passing both parts of the licensure exam and providing proof they have fulfilled educational requirements, are students licensed and ready to legally practice cosmetology in Wisconsin.

Begin The Path To Wisconsin Cosmetology Licensure

The path to a cosmetology license ensures that students are well-equipped to handle the challenges of a cosmetology career. State College Of Beauty Culture provides an in-depth program that prepares students to pass their exams in less than a year with full-time enrollment. Check out our calendar today and discover the wonderful world of cosmetology!