What Will a Good Cosmetology Course Cover?


If we analyze the current state of the cosmetology industry, one thing is clear: it has been on a path of growth recently. Although there was a decline in its market during the pandemic, its market is evolving stronger than before. Studies show that the industry is expected to have a market size of 415.29 billion USD by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 5%. Considering these facts, we can conclude that it is the best time to choose cosmetology as a career.

But while choosing the course, make sure it encompasses all the industry areas so you can have good career growth.

What Does A Good Cosmetology Course Include?

Hair Styling

People spend the majority of their money on hairstyling in the cosmetic industry, so a skilled hairstylist will always be in demand. A hairstyling course may help you gain a wider perspective on areas, including hair care products and treatments, understanding hair and scalp concerns, forms and textures, etc. But it’s not confined to the technical part only; a well-structured course teaches you why certain hairstyles are popular, how to be adaptive, understand the client’s needs, and so on.

Hair Cutting

As we look back at the trends from the early 70s until now, the hair industry has experienced rapid change. For this reason, it has become a necessity to keep up with the current evolving trends. An excellent hair-cutting course will help you understand them and use your creativity according to what a client wants.

Business Management

Cosmetology is not only about beauty and styling but also managing and running a business. If you’re someone who wishes to open a beauty salon in the future, merely gaining knowledge about the technicalities won’t be enough. For a business to be successful, understanding how to develop remarkable customer service and ways to effectively communicate are needed. This is why the best cosmetology schools provide courses to acquire these skill sets and technical knowledge.

Beauty Consulting

Beauty consultants are an indispensable part of the cosmetic industry. With the rise of newly arriving brands and the growth of current ones, beauty consultants are in demand like never before. High-end makeup companies such as Sephora are always in need of skilled consultants for their stores. A good cosmetology course may offer you interactive training with real clients and prepare you for possible situations you may have with them.

Safety and Sanitation

Working in a salon may require you to provide services to a variety of clients, including treatments on everything from hair to toes. If a proper sanitation protocol is not followed, the working area will be at a higher risk of contamination. To prevent this, you must know how to maintain hygiene standards; therefore, it becomes a mandatory aspect to be learned by aspiring cosmetologists. While choosing the course, make sure the curriculum gives special importance to sanitation and safety.


Cosmetology is a brilliant career choice for individuals who love to work in a creative field. To be successful in the field, you need to acquire the necessary skills before starting your career journey. Our experts at the State College of Beauty Culture are here to provide you with all the knowledge you need to succeed in the field. Join our cosmetology course to get started.