Why Choose a Career in Cosmetology?

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Whether you are new to the job market or looking to make a change in your life, cosmetology is a rewarding career path for those who have a passion for beauty, and it is much more attainable than most people realize. Cosmetology courses at State College Of Beauty Culture give students the knowledge and experience needed to pursue careers in the beauty industry.

Why Cosmetology?

Every beauty school student has their own reasons for entering the field. Here are some of the most common reasons that our students give for enrolling in cosmetology school:

Job Outlook: The world is changing quickly and it is important to choose a career that will not become obsolete before you reach retirement age. The beauty industry continues to grow rapidly, and beauty school courses prepare students for many different types of careers, giving them the opportunity to shift positions and move up within the industry. Our graduates go on to work in hair salons or spas as stylists and estheticians, movie sets and runways doing hair and makeup for models and performers, magazines as beauty editors or writers, and much more! Junior cosmetology students at State College Of Beauty Culture have the opportunity to work directly with clients and get feedback that helps them evaluate their career preferences before entering the job market.

Creative Outlet: Many students in esthiology school describe themselves as artists looking for a more reliable career path. Beauticians can choose their own paths, such as makeup, hair, or nails, and then use their imaginations to create endless looks for their clients. Each person who seeks your services is a new opportunity to create something new and truly unique. From the minute students begin classes they learn how to not only use different products, but also discover how the client’s hair and skin color, and texture will affect the finished product. This allows for optimal success with real-life customers.

Flexibility: Beauty school students are often very busy with many social, family, and work obligations. For these individuals, a 9 to 5 office job may not be ideal. Because cosmetology students have so many choices about where they will work, it is very easy to accommodate even the most demanding schedule. Even those who opt for traditional salon work can rent a chair or station and accept clients only when it is convenient for them.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities: As a cosmetologist, it is easy to go to work for yourself. Our advanced students are taught the ins and outs of the beauty industry. Each student learns about sanitation procedures, state laws, and the salon business so that they can open up shop on their own if working for someone else does not seem appealing.

Why Go To Beauty School In Wisconsin?

If you already have a great deal of beauty knowledge, you may wonder if you will truly benefit from taking cosmetology courses at State College Of Beauty Culture. The short answer is: yes. Preexisting talent can be helpful, but the most successful professionals are those with a strong understanding of the foundations of cosmetology. In addition to going over trends and techniques, our cosmetology school classes teach about different skin types and hair types as well as the anatomy with which students will interact in the real world. It is crucial to know how a specific procedure will look on your client before you begin, so you can give good advice that results in repeat customers and a large following. Our 1550-hour programs start every month, preparing students to pass state licensure exams and begin working in less than a year.

Enroll today at State College Of Beauty Culture to begin an exciting new career and improve your life!